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In a town where people are missing, and desires turn into disaster, the mystery to what's behind it all has uncovered the dark truth. That is that love can kill and more than once. In "DUNGEON" we follow the journey of Hoboken real estate broker Richard Gates (Andy Bowles) as he finds himself a victim of an unusual circumstance involving Kate (Faith Stanek) the only tenant of the newest building on the market. Frightened and scared he fights for his life all while his loving Grandma (Sheilagh Weymouth) and Hoboken's overworked Detective Marsh (Victoria Meade) search for clues hoping to find him. In doing so Detective Marsh gains a lead to the whereabouts of a case that has gone cold involving missing person James Madison (Sheldon J. Nicholas Jr.). APB Productions presents an Andy Bowles film "DUNGEON".

Talented Cast

Faith Stanek -


Andy Bowles -


Sheilagh Weymouth - Grandma

Sheldon J. Nicholas Jr. -

James Madison

Victoria Meade -

Detective Marsh

Maggie Wagner -

Potential home buyer

Tara Troy -

Barber on the street

Jett Miller -

Barber at the building

Israel Caraballo Jr. -

Chief of Police

Terralon Walker -